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George, Utahand his family moved to Las VegasNevada, when he was two years old.

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My sigh made my chest shudder, and my throat was raw from coughing and crying.

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I wondered if he was mad at me, though I could swear he had sat beside me on the bed at least twice, stroking my forehead and hair.

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But they needed to be down there before the holiday in order to secure the deal they'd been offered for the condo rental.

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It was everything I'd hoped it would be and more.

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Partly because I was stunned he was finally admitting he'd wronged me, and I didn't want him to take it back.

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As he worked, his jaw clenched and released, his head tilting this way and that to avoid mine.

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Who'd have thought it.

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I thought my used car was near the end of its life.

He glanced at me.

People actually got up at quarter-to-four on Black Friday.

My verbal attempts to get his attention were drowned out by his voice as he continued.

Maybe Chris didn't want to be a dad.

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